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July , 2019 Vol 1 issues 2
Original Research Article by JI Ogbonna,ONC Umeh,CC Mbah,CA Adaku,BC Amadi,SI Ofoefule
Evaluation of the Binding properties of Ipomoea batatas Starch in Ethambutol Tablet Formulations

Starch is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry as binders, disintegrants and as diluents because it is readily available, inert, and cheap. Starch was extracted by conventional method from sweet potatoes (Ipomoea batatas) which are commonly grown in developing countries including Nigeria. The extracted starch was evaluated for its properties such as amylose/amylopectin content, pH, moisture content, loss on drying, micrometrics, and compression behavior using Kawakita and Ludde model. The starch was also evaluated for its binding effect in ethambutol tablet formulations and compared with equivalent concentration of standard maize starch as a binder in ethambutol tablet formulations. The sweet potato starch was...

Original Research Article by Nicodemus E. Nwankwo,Anthony C.C. Egbuonu,Priscillia O. Aliuba,Emmanuel S. Okeke
Antifungal properties of ethanol extract of vernonia amygdalina stem and the effect on electrolyte status in normal and monosodium glutamate-intoxicated rats

This study investigated the antifungal properties of the extract of Vernonia amygdalina stem and its effect on the electrolyte status of normal and Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) intoxicated rats. In vitro antifungal property of the extract was tested. The serum electrolytes statuses of treated and non-treated MSG-intoxicated rats were evaluated. The results indicated the susceptibility of all the fungi used to the ethanol extract of Vernonia amygdalina stem. Extract inhibition of Fusarium spp showed a higher significant (*p <0.05) zone of inhibition compared to ketoconazone. Serum chemistry showed that there was no significant difference (*p < 0.05) in the serum levels of bicarbonate, calcium and sodium at all doses tested. There was significant...

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